“Fashion is a language telling a different story each Time.”

My work is about sharing , sharing smiles , happiness , glamour . So each dress is made keeping in mind the client , shades , pricing , cuts . Inspiring women to look beautiful and feel even better !

Each collection is inspired by my travels , the people I meet . I love history, I translate the beauty of what I perceive from my experiences in my designs . I mix our royal heritage of hand embroidery , variations of stitches , fabric with contemporary modern times .

I put my 100% in each design . I myself personally monitor and approve all stages of production in each department. Starting from base of fabric design , dying , hand embroidery, cuts and so on .

When I design I don’t comprise , everything has to be the best of the best . I use only pure fabrics , exported embellishments which don’t change color , finest draping and stitching .

I have my own signature patterns and hand work which makes me stand out . It’s the signature charms and Embellishments that I use makes the detailing speak for

Being a women there are always multiple complex challenges , as we have to balance our family with work . We have to mark our priorities . I manage my home , children , social life and work on a daily bases that’s a daily Challenge itself .

Then our work place comprises of mostly men . So I had to gain respect , efficiency, confidence of everyone. Today I always Thank God for blessing me with such and amazing Production team and sales staff . It’s not easy being a women Boss in a country like Pakistan .